QCPP Revised Requirements

In October 2017, QCPP conducted a pilot of the revised QCPP Requirements v3.1 with selected community pharmacies across Australia. 

A comprehensive review of the pilot outcomes has been undertaken to inform the development of QCPP Reform 2020. As part of this review the objectives of the revised QCPP Requirements (v3.2) have been further refined.

QCPP Revised Requirements (v3.2) Objectives:

QCPP Revised Requirements(v3.2) objectives

QCPP Domains

The review of the pilot program also found that the QCPP Requirements structure that included Business Domains was positively received by pharmacies.

QCPP Revised Requirements (v3.2) Domains Structure:

QCPP Domains Explained

Pharmacy feedback found that the ‘Domains Structure’ was easier to understand compared to the 18 elements and increased focus on pharmacy business management. Given this positive feedback, the QCPP Domains Structure will be incorporated into the QCPP Reformed QCPP 2020.