In order to become QCPP accredited, your pharmacy will need to undergo an initial assessment. Pharmacies then undergo a reaccreditation assessment every two years.

All QCPP assessments are conducted by our assessment partner, Ernst & Young (EY). EY’s QCPP endorsed assessors are highly trained and their technical approach can help you identify opportunities for improvement in relation to QCPP’s quality management system. EY’s assessors have a range of technical backgrounds and include pharmacists, engineers, accountants, scientists and lawyers.

EY has been conducting QCPP assessments since July 2016 under guidance by QCPP and in accordance with the QCPP requirements and program and assessment rules.

How will my assessment be scheduled?

QCPP assessments are carried out remotely on the QCPP Customer Portal over a 7-day period, assessing a range of high risk areas in the pharmacy.

If you have recently registered a request to become QCPP accredited for the first time, and have notified us that you are ready for your assessment, our QCPP assessment partner EY will contact you to arrange an assessment date.

If your pharmacy is due for reaccreditation, the EY scheduling team will contact you at least 42 days before your reaccreditation date to schedule your assessment. Your reaccreditation date is based on the date your pharmacy received its first accreditation assessment.

While some flexibility may be possible, we request that you accept the date proposed by EY, as they schedule an average of 200-400 assessments each month and need to coordinate resourcing and scheduling accordingly. It also ensures your pharmacy is able to complete the assessment requirements within the required timeframes.

You will receive confirmation of your assessment 14 days prior to the assessment. If you are concerned there is a conflict of interest with your allocated assessor, please contact the EY scheduling team.

If you have any queries regarding your scheduled booking please email the EY scheduling team at

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my assessment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your assessment date please contact EY’s scheduling team.

Please note that rescheduling or cancelling your assessment within 10 calendar days of the scheduled date will incur an $880 cancellation fee as well as any travel costs that may have already been incurred (for on-site assessments only).

Under exceptional circumstances, you can request to be assessed after your reaccreditation date by submitting a Request for Reaccreditation Extension to QCPP.