Exceptional Circumstances

All pharmacies should be ready to be assessed under the program at any point, and therefore variations to the identified assessment date can only be granted in exceptional circumstances. A reaccreditation extension request is offered to a pharmacy under exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances are considered to be events out of the pharmacy's control that have an immediate impact on the pharmacy’s ability to deliver regular services, and where the pharmacy has done all reasonable action to mitigate impact to maintain their reaccreditation.

Examples might include a recent burglary, fire or flood, significant renovations, or natural disaster. Consideration will also be provided where the pharmacy is moving location.

The following are not considered to be exceptional circumstances, and will not result in a reaccreditation extension:

  • The pharmacy needs more time to prepare for the assessment
  • The relevant QCPP coordinator does not work on the scheduled day
  • The pharmacy would prefer their assessment as close as possible to their accreditation date
  • The pharmacy is low on staff due to annual leave/standard rostering on specific days of the week
  • The pharmacy is under new management
  • Staff changes (e.g. new QCPP coordinator appointed)

If you understand and accept these conditions, please apply for a reaccreditation extension below via the QCPP Customer Portal.

Please note: all extension requests must be submitted via the QCPP Customer Portal under the Extension Requests tab in the Your Pharmacy Details section.