QCPP assessments occur every two years via a streamlined and remote process. On this page you will find resources to help you prepare for and maintain your pharmacy’s QCPP accreditation.

We are committed to reviewing the program regularly and listening to feedback from the industry to make continuous improvements to the program. At present, we are continuing to conduct QCPP assessments remotely.

Maintaining QCPP Accreditation

QCPP accredited pharmacies maintain compliance in the business by implementing quality management systems which can include regular reviews of the business’ policies and procedures and, maintaining certifications in areas such as CPR and First aid.

Infographics of 5 domains

Key components of maintaining QCPP accreditation are:

Prepare – Being prepared for your Quality Care 2020 Assessment is important to ensure that the assessment process goes smoothly. This can also help to minimise the number of Corrective Actions issued after your assessment week.

Submit – Through your 7 day assessment week, you will need to supply a range of evidence to support the compliance of your pharmacy in accordance with the Quality Care 2020 Requirements.

Review – During the Corrective Actions phase of your assessment, you will need to review and address gaps in compliance as identified by your assessor to receive accreditation.

Maintain – To remain compliant in the interim between now and your following assessment, the business must maintain a Quality Management system focused on revising training requirements, policies and procedures regularly.

More information on each stage of completing and maintaining your accreditation can be found below.


Familiarise yourself with the 5 Domains of Quality:

5 Domains

To prepare for your assessment, we recommend that you log into the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub. This is your one-stop-shop for resources, frequently asked questions, support videos and more, designed to help you understand the Requirements and prepare for your assessments.

Visit the Quality Care 2020 Knowledge Hub

Download QC2020 Remote Assessment Preparation Checklist

Pharmacy Support Sessions

QCPP hosts webinars to provide support to pharmacies approaching their Quality Care 2020 assessment. The webinar below provides insight into preparing for an assessment as well as details on the updates to Quality Care 2020 Version 1.1 and the addition of the video component to remote assessments.

Download the Pharmacy Support PowerPoint

If your assessment is coming up, keep an eye on your email inbox for support information or an invitation to a support webinar.

Changes to Quality Care 2020

To help you prepare for your assessment, we have created summaries of the changes that came into effect after 1 October 2022. These documents include various resources to prepare for additions to the assessment model.

Quality Care 2020 Version 1.1 Summary

Video Component Summary


Quality Care 2020 Assessments are conducted remotely over a 7-day period via a streamlined assessment process ensuring compliance across a range of high-risk areas in the pharmacy.

For a detailed overview of when you can expect to hear from us during the assessment, check out the Communications Map.

QC2020 Assessment Process


Within 14 days of the completion of your remote assessment week, you will receive your Interim Report which details any corrective actions your pharmacy may be required to close out prior to receiving your accreditation.

Learn more about completing your corrective actions and what to expect after your assessment on the After your Assessment page.


Once you have successfully completed your Quality Care assessment, it is crucial to continue to uphold your pharmacy’s compliance from the conclusion of your current assessment until your next accreditation. Below are some suggestions on how you can facilitate continuous improvement in your business.

Set a schedule and calendar reminders to review policies and procedures throughout the year.


  • Review vaccination procedures around April/May ahead of cold and flu season.
  • Prior to the end of year, review casual hiring and onboarding procedures.

The delegation of procedure maintenance is important to ensure your team is compliant across your business.

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If you have any questions, please email help@qcpp.com or phone the QCPP Helpline 1300 363 340 to speak to a member of the QCPP Support Team.