QCPP has a variety of resources and tools to help your pharmacy get ready for either your initial  assessment or your two-yearly reaccreditation assessment.

The following table provides you with an agenda outline with the components to be assessed. Please note that you may not be assessed in the order the components are listed below.

18 QCPP elements

1. Compliance with legal and professional obligations

2. Supply of medicines, medical devices and poisons

3. Delivery of health programs and services

4. Advertising and promotions

5. Pharmacy premises and equipment

6. Operating an effective and sustainable business

7. Complying with and improving the Quality Program

8. Requirements for pharmacy stock and services

9. Ordering, receiving, storing, pricing and disposal of stock

10. Hiring out of equipment

11. Customer service

12. Recruiting staff

13. Inducting staff

14. Managing staff

15. Ongoing staff training

16. Dismissals and resignations

17. Maintaining safety and security

18. Information technology

QCPP Knowledge Hub

QCPP Knowledge Hub is available to help you prepare for assessment and ensure your pharmacy meets QCPP requirements. This online resource contains the electronic copy of the QCPP Requirements, assessment guidance, sample policies and procedures, and answers to frequently asked questions.

QCPP accredited pharmacies can access the Knowledge Hub with their QCPP Knowledge Hub username and password. If you require a login or have forgotten your login details, please complete a QCPP Knowledge Hub Login online request form

To help ensure you are ready for your assessment, you should work through the QCPP checklists in your Requirements Manual (blue ring-bound folder or electronic copy in the QCPP Knowledge Hub) to make sure that you have appropriate evidence.

It’s important that you have either electronic or printed copies of your evidence to show your assessor. If your pharmacy is part of a group that that does not keep some of your records on-site, please ensure you request copies of these records ahead of your assessment date.

There is also a downloadable Assessment Guide, Professional Services Guide and Maintenance Checklist to help you get ready.

Can I receive some further assistance to prepare for my assessment?
QCPP does not visit pharmacies or offer consultation services to prepare for assessment. Member organisations, banner groups or independent quality management consultants may be able to assist you if you require further assistance to prepare for your assessment.

Remote assessments

As of May 2020, QCPP is conducting assessments remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have an assessment coming up, we encourage you to make the most of the QCPP Knowledge Hub to help you prepare.

More information on the remote assessment process, including FAQs and timelines, is available on Remote Assessments.

To give you an overview of what to expect for your remote assessment, check out the short video below from our QCPP assessor, Jacqueline Abboud.

Remote assessment checklist

To help you prepare for your remote assessment, read the pre-assessment checklist, which breaks down key steps in the remote assessment model.

Remote Assessment Checklist

On-site assessments

On-site assessments are currently suspended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. QCPP assessments are currently being conducted remotely.

How long will the on-site assessment take? 

Your assessor will spend between three to four hours in your pharmacy. They will work through all aspects of the QCPP requirements to ensure compliance.

Who needs to attend the assessment?

It’s important that all staff members who are responsible for implementing the QCPP quality management system are on hand during the assessment to help answer any questions. In some pharmacies, this could be several different staff members, such as a pharmacy assistant who might coordinate QCPP, the pharmacy owner, manager or pharmacist in charge who may hold confidential records, and/or a pharmacist who can demonstrate dispensing procedures etc. Depending on how your pharmacy operates, you may have to organise locum staff to cover the assessment period.

Will the assessor need a private area?

You will need to arrange an area for the assessor to conduct the assessment. Preferably, this would be a private room, but if this is not possible a table and chair would be adequate. Please note that as per the QCPP Program and Assessment Rules the assessor cannot accept any gifts or food.

Do I have to show the assessor confidential business documents?

If QCPP requirements stipulate particular evidence must be sighted, the assessor must sight that evidence, ensuring confidentially is strictly maintained. All QCPP endorsed assessors have signed confidentiality agreements. Commercial and personal information can be masked if it is not relevant to the purpose of checking the record.

What happens during the on-site assessment?

When the assessor arrives at your pharmacy they will hold a brief opening meeting with the pharmacy owner, manager and/or QCPP coordinator to discuss:

  • Completion of a Professional Services Declaration, which outlines the services your pharmacy provides and will be assessed against
  • A brief description of what evidence you will need to make available to the assessor e.g. documents and procedures. More detailed information on the evidence required is available in the Assessment Guide.
  • The overall circumstances of your pharmacy (staff make-up, identification of the professional services area, anything you deem necessary for the QCPP assessor to know about your pharmacy)

After the opening meeting, the assessor will begin the assessment. This will include:

  • Review of your Operations Manual and pharmacy specific procedures, such as emergency protocols, professional services, needles and sharps, etc.
  • Review of relevant records, such as HR records
  • Observation of the professional service area, dispensary and retail area to ensure QCPP requirements are met. This may include walking around your pharmacy, taking photos or selecting dispensary or shop items for closer review.
  • Discussions with your pharmacy staff about pharmacy procedures and policies

Once the on-site assessment has been completed the assessor will hold a closing meeting with you, which will include a:

  • Summary of non-conformances identified during your assessment and the remedial actions raised. Remedial actions are actions that the pharmacy needs to address in order to meet the QCPP Requirements. Your assessor will explain to you the remedial actions identified during your assessment.
  • Printed hand-out which outlines what happens next.