The service agreement outlines a set of Terms and Conditions all pharmacies must accept in order to participate in the program

Following the release of the Quality Care 2020 Requirements, there are a new set of Terms and Conditions for all pharmacies seeking accreditation on or after Thursday 1 October 2020.

My assessment is after Thursday 1 October 2020

If your assessment is on or after Thursday 1 October 2020, you will be assessed under Quality Care 2020.

Click here to view the Quality Care 2020 Terms and Conditions.

My assessment was on or before Wednesday 30 September 2020

View the previous QCPP Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to pharmacies with an accreditation date on or before Wednesday 30 September 2020.

1. Engagement to provide services and obligations and rights of QCPP

1.1 The pharmacy owner engages QCPP to provide Accreditation Services, and QCPP accepts the  engagement, on these terms and conditions, and subject to the Rules and the QCPP Requirements (this agreement).

1.2 QCPP agrees to provide Accreditation Services in accordance with this agreement, and all applicable laws, and in doing so must exercise reasonable care and skill. 

1.3 QCPP may audit at any time while the pharmacy business is QCPP accredited.

2. Fees

2.1 Where the pharmacy owner is applying for accreditation or reaccreditation of their Pharmacy Business, Fees must be paid within 28 days of a tax invoice being issued to the pharmacy owner.

2.2 QCPP is not obliged to provide any Accreditation Services until the Fees are paid in full.

3. Obligations of Pharmacy Owner

3.1 The pharmacy owner must at all times during the accreditation period comply with AS85000, and ensure compliance with the Rules; the QCPP Requirements and these terms and conditions in relation to the Pharmacy Business.

3.2 The pharmacy owner must ensure their actions or the activity of the Pharmacy Business does not bring QCPP into disrepute.

3.3 The pharmacy owner must make all necessary arrangements to enable QCPP to provide the Accreditation Services, investigate complaints, carry out audits, and for the participation of QCPP observers.

3.4 The pharmacy owner may use QCPP’s trademarks while accredited and strictly in accordance with this agreement and QCPP’s requirements from time to time. If accreditation is suspended or ceases for any reason the pharmacy owner must stop using QCPP’s trademarks and any other property of QCPP

4. Changes

4.1 QCPP may change these terms and conditions, the Rules or the QCPP Requirements. QCPP will provide reasonable notice of changes.The pharmacy owner agrees to implement changes promptly.

4.2 The pharmacy owner acknowledges that AS85000 may change, and agrees to comply with AS85000 as amended from time to time.

4.3 The pharmacy owner must promptly inform QCPP of any changes to the Pharmacy Business that affect the pharmacy owner’s ability to conform with AS85000 or comply with this agreement.

5. Definitions

Accreditation Services mean provision of:

  • QCPP assessment services, including on- site assessments, partial assessments and other forms of assessment as described in the Rules;
  • access to QCPP Requirements in electronic form;
  • access to interpretations and support materials in electronic form; and,
  • relevant administration and technical support services and processes which support QCPP accreditation.

AS85000 means ‘Australian Standard 85000 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard’ as published by SAI Global, as amended from time to time.

Fees are the fees for Accreditation Services as specified here

Pharmacy Business means the pharmacy business the details of which are set out in this agreement.

QCPP means The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, trading as the Quality Care Pharmacy Program ABN 84 519 669 143 of Level 2, 15 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600.

QCPP Requirements means the document so called containing a description of quality measures against which a pharmacy business must be assessed, as prescribed by QCPP and amended from time to time.

Rules means the QCPP Program and Assessment Rules, as amended from time to time.