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Revised QCPP Requirements

| Jun 06, 2017

QCPP is proud to release and launch revised QCPP Requirements today.

The revised QCPP Requirements are a remapped QCPP model of demonstrating compliance with AS85000 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard – quality management system for pharmacies in Australia. This model contains five domains which support business enhancement and encourage continuous quality improvement and innovation.

The revised QCPP Requirements have removed the compliance burden of checklists (red section) and procedures (green section) contained in the current QCPP Requirements (blue folder). Instead, the revised QCPP Requirements adopt relevant standards, guidelines and legislation by reference. This means the QCPP Requirements will look much smaller than the current QCPP Requirements Manual.

We thank pharmacies and industry stakeholders for their feedback to QCPP in recent years, which has shaped the development of the revised QCPP Requirements.

You can now access the revised QCPP Requirements at www.qcpp.com/knowledgehub.

Frequently asked questions
Will I have to re-organise my Operations Manual?
If your pharmacy is already successfully QCPP accredited, your existing quality systems will fit the QCPP revised model. You should not have to make major changes to your Operations Manual in the move to the revised QCPP Requirements.

When will the revised QCPP Requirements start to be assessed?
Pilot assessments against the revised QCPP Requirements are expected to commence from August 2017. Pharmacies with an accreditation date on or after 1 August 2017 may be invited to participate in the pilot program.
Pharmacies not part of the pilot program will continue to be assessed against the existing QCPP Requirements until early 2018. More information regarding transition dates are expected to be announced in coming weeks.

Where can I learn more about the revised QCPP Requirements?
Excerpts from recent webinars about the QCPP Requirements are available at www.qcpp.com/knowledgehub. Additional webinars about the QCPP Requirements will be developed in coming months.

QCPP Knowledge Hub guidance for the revised QCPP Requirements is under development and will initially be provided to pharmacies involved in pilot assessments. Following the pilot, the revised QCPP Knowledge Hub will be available to all pharmacies active with the program.

You can also find out more about the enhanced QCPP Requirements;



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