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  • QCPP improvements coming soon

    Jan 31, 2017

    The Quality Care Pharmacy Program is excited to be launching an improved QCPP from 1 July this year.
    The enhanced QCPP Requirements assess ‘AS85000 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard’ in a way which provides greater flexibility for your pharmacy business to innovate and grow. While QCPP Requirements will look different, getting ready for assessment will be business as usual; meaning accredited pharmacies won’t need to make significant changes to their Operations Manual (policies and procedures).
    The key changes to QCPP Requirements include:

    • 18 elements become five domains
    • ‘Red’ checklists/templates and ‘green’ procedures/policies removed from QCPP Requirements, but can continue to be used in your Operations Manual. Assessment will focus on quality outcomes and alignment with professional standards, guidelines and regulations.
    • ‘Evidence required at assessment’ replaced with ‘evidence examples’
    • Intent added to clearly define each QCPP Requirement
    • ‘Remedial actions’ replaced with ‘major non-conformances, minor-non-conformances and observations’.

    The enhanced QCPP Requirements will be less complex, more robust and provide greater continuity. The revision promotes flexibility, innovation and growth in your pharmacy business.
    Discover the QCPP improvements from early March at www.qcpp.com and at APP2017 – the QCPP team will be introducing the enhancements at Stand 75.

  • Draft revision of Quality Care standard now open for consultation

    Oct 06, 2016

    The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is seeking feedback on the proposed revised draft of the Australian Standard for Quality Care Pharmacy.

    The proposed draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard seeks to promote flexibility and innovation within the industry, and aims to ensure relevance for at least five years. The draft standard also seeks to align with key strategic focuses of the Australian Government and relevant health agencies.

    The draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard seeks to outline the business framework required to operate a community pharmacy in Australia. The revised draft standard also seeks to recognise the diverse business models within community pharmacy, whilst promoting community safety and quality use of medicines.

    The draft standard is considered relevant for all community pharmacies within Australia, and is designed to be adaptable to all business models also promoting innovation within community pharmacy.

    The draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard does not seek to override or replace existing regulations or industry specific guidelines and as such should be read in conjunction with these documents. The draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard does however form the framework to support accreditation systems for Australian Community Pharmacies.

    The Guild is inviting feedback to support the increasing occurrence of complex compounding within community pharmacy. Therefore two draft standards have been proposed.

    Option A – complex compounding is integrated into the draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard in recognition that pharmacies that undertake complex compounding need to consider this service in all aspects of their business model.

    Option B – complex compounding forms a select section of the draft AS 85000:2016 Quality Care Community Pharmacy Standard in recognition of the specialist skills and service models required to provide complex compounding.



    Individuals or organisations wishing to provide feedback are requested to complete the online survey. The consultation period for feedback on both options will remain open until Monday 5 December, with all submissions considered on completion of the review.

  • Scheduling your next assessment with EY

    Sep 09, 2016
    EY’s scheduling team will contact your pharmacy to confirm your assessment date. In order to schedule all 5000+ assessments centrally and efficiently, EY can only exercise limited flexibility in the scheduling process. While EY will try to be flexible where possible, it is up to the pharmacy to accommodate the assessment date.
    All pharmacies should be ready to be assessed under the program at any point, and therefore variations to the identified assessment date can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
    Exceptional circumstances are considered to be events that have an immediate impact in the pharmacy’s ability to deliver regular services and where the pharmacy has done all reasonable action to mitigate impact to maintain their reaccreditation (out of the pharmacy’s control). Examples might include a recent burglary or fire, significant renovations, or natural disaster.
    The following are not considered to be exceptional circumstances, and will not result in a reschedule:
    ·         The pharmacy needs more time to prepare for the assessment
    ·         The relevant QCPP coordinator does not work on the scheduled day
    ·         The pharmacy would prefer their assessment as close as possible to their accreditation date
    ·         The pharmacy is low on staff due to annual leave/standard rostering on specific days of the week
    ·         The pharmacy is under new management (in this circumstance the owner should consider applying for an extension)
    ·         Staff changes (e.g. new QCPP coordinator appointed)

    EY appreciate your cooperation in this process, and where possible will work to accommodate your pharmacy's specific circumstances.


    Visit the Contact Us page on the QCPP website for more information about who can help you with the accreditation process, and how.


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