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  • How to: Remedial Review Requests AND more webinar dates announced

    Apr 20, 2017
    Supporting fair assessment outcomes

    QCPP is committed to natural justice in the assessment and certification of pharmacies against AS85000:2011 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard; quality management system for pharmacies in Australia.
    Following QCPP assessment, if you receive remedial action which you believe is incorrect, seems unreasonable or is not relevant to your business model, you can request a review of the remedial action.  This is known as a Remedial Review Request, and can result in the remedial action being upheld, revoked or a concession applied, depending on the circumstances of the request.
    The Interpretation and Rulings Panel meet fortnightly to consider questions about interpretation of QCPP Requirements, including considering Remedial Review Requests. The Panel comprises of pharmacist, auditing and managerial expertise. An outcome will be provided to the pharmacy within three weeks.
    In addition to providing natural justice to pharmacies, QCPP uses the remedial review request process to:

    • assist in identification of outdated requirements;
    • recognise innovative or unique practices that are in advance of QCPP requirements; and,
    •  provide all pharmacies clarity for remedial actions via the QCPP Knowledge Hub.

    Themes from remedial review requests have been used to help shape the revised QCPP Requirements, including the adoption of a more flexible approach which recognises and supports innovation and growth.
    Remedial Review Requests must be submitted via the online form available at http://www.qcpp.com/resources/tools/qcpp-forms.
    Top tips for submitting a remedial review request:

    1. Complete your remedial review request as soon as it is identified
    2. Clearly identify the remedial action being queried and why it is being queried.
      • Where a concession is requested, describing how the pharmacy meets the intent of the QCPP requirements increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.
    3. Provide as much supporting information as is needed to explain and verify your reasoning.
      • This may include photos, processes, records or other evidence which helps ensure the Interpretations and Rulings panel can review the RRR appropriately.
    If you would like to know more about submitting a Remedial Review Request, have any other feedback or questions about QCPP, please contact us via help@qcpp.com or phone the QCPP helpline on 1300 363 340.


    Register to attend our latest round of webinars

    We have scheduled an additional two webinars. This includes a webinar especially timed to suit Western Australian pharmacies with a preference for an evening time slot:

    The webinar will give you an understanding of the improvements to QCPP and how they will affect your pharmacy. This includes:

    • Key QCPP enhancements

    • Revised QCPP Requirements

    • The five domains

    • Revision to program rules

    • Enhancements to QCPP assessment

    • Simpler fee structure

    • Transition arrangements

  • Program Rules: What's changing?

    Apr 12, 2017

    Updated Program Rules supporting innovation in pharmacy

    The QCPP Rules have been amended to align with the revised QCPP Requirements and include enhanced clarity on how the rules apply to you.  The Program Rules have also been split into separate QCPP Rules and QCPP Terms to make the documents easier to read and understand.

    Key changes to the Program Rules:

    • Better alignment with AS85000 Quality Care Pharmacy Standard – quality management system for pharmacies in Australia to ensure QCPP assessment can accredit all activities and services of the pharmacy against the pharmacy’s quality management system (QMS).
    • From mid-2018, pharmacies will be required to complete all accreditation requirements# prior to their accreditation date. Currently pharmacies must be assessed on or prior to the accreditation date. Pharmacies then have three months to complete remedial actions.
    • A QCPP Handbook will contain all the policies, procedures and schedule of fees in the one location so they are easier to find. 

    How will this impact my pharmacy?

    • Currently only services with a checklist in Element 2 or Element 3 are able to be assessed.  The broadened scope of assessment allows for assessment of all business operations and services offered by your pharmacy as part of your QCPP Accreditation.  This change addresses feedback that pharmacies wanted their new professional services to be accredited. As such, this rule change allows QCPP to better recognise innovation and service growth in professional services and business operations.
    • We will provide more information in early 2018 regarding the rule for all accreditation requirements to be finalised prior to a pharmacy’s accreditation date.  QCPP have scheduled the implementation of this change well in advance to ensure pharmacies are aware of the change prior to it affecting their assessment date.

    # including undergoing QCPP Assessment, resolving all non-conformances and payment of fees.


    You can find out more about the QCPP enhancements and how they are supporting flexibility, innovation and growth by:

    • visiting www.qcpp.com
    • phoning the QCPP Helpline at 1300 363 340

  • An enhanced QCPP Assessment

    Mar 30, 2017

    The introduction of the revised QCPP Requirements will support the ongoing enhancement of QCPP Assessment. This continues the work which many pharmacies have already experienced in the assessment approach adopted by our assessment partner EY (Ernst & Young).

    How will my QCPP Assessment be different?

    • Better understanding of your business
      At your QCPP Assessment your assessor will spend more time understanding how your pharmacy business operates and seek evidence to demonstrate this.
    • More flexibility
      Restructuring the QCPP Requirements allows more flexibility in how you can demonstrate compliance with the requirements. This better recognises innovation and the variation in business workflows which exist across Australia’s community pharmacies.
    • Reduced focus on minor issues
      Your assessment results will differentiate between a non-conformance that require rectification to maintain accreditation (previously called a remedial action) and ongoing enhancement opportunities.
    • A more relevant assessment report
      Assessment feedback will focus on strengths and opportunities for improvements within your business, in addition to noting any non-conformances.

    Will I have to change the way I prepare for assessment?
    Pharmacies who have their quality management system (QMS) [e.g. Operations Manual] set up should not need to make major changes to prepare for assessment under the revised QCPP Requirements. The enhancements to QCPP Assessment are designed to improve your assessment experience by adopting a more flexible approach.

    When will the revised QCPP Requirements start to be assessed?
    Pilot assessments against the revised QCPP requirements will commence in July 2017. Pharmacies with an accreditation date on or after 1 July 2017 may be invited to participate in the pilot program.
    Pharmacies not part of the pilot program will continue to be assessed against the existing QCPP Requirements until late 2017.



    Register for our upcoming webinar on Monday the 3rd of April to get more information about how the QCPP enhancements will affect you. More dates and times will be announced shortly.


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