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  • Key business benefits of maintaining your QCPP Accreditation

    Apr 27, 2016

    It’s no secret that quality accredited businesses have enhanced business practices compared to those that do not achieve quality accreditation. This is backed by several studies both within the pharmacy industry and the broader health industry.

    QCPP Accreditation provides a platform to support key business practices within a quality management framework that assists in sustaining viable pharmacy businesses.

    Maintaining your QCPP Accreditation can ensure pharmacy operations achieve their purpose and that the pharmacy delivers services efficiently and consistently to your customers.

    Some of the key business outcomes pharmacies experience from maintaining QCPP Accreditation:

    1. Studies have shown customers who access QCPP Accredited pharmacies are more satisfied with pharmacy services and generally receive a higher level of medication and health advice.
    2. Customers have a greater intention to return to the pharmacy when it is QCPP Accredited.
    3. QCPP Accredited pharmacies have more pharmacy assistant staff with higher certificate qualifications. This means they are able to help customers access the right health solution for their needs or appropriately refer to a pharmacist for specialised advice and support.
    4. Accredited pharmacies employ more dispensary assistants, which promotes workflow and increases the productivity of the dispensing process.
    5. Pharmacies who remain QCPP Accredited manage risk and regularly review in-store policy and procedures to maintain and provide excellent services in the highly competitive pharmacy market.

    Through maintaining your QCPP Accreditation, pharmacy businesses can demonstrate to the local community that your pharmacy team is dedicated to meeting a recognised standard in the best interests of Australian healthcare.

    Ensure your pharmacy is living QCPP every day and well prepared for a pending QCPP assessment. Complete your QCPP Maintenance Checklist today.

    QCPP State Managers are located in State and Territory Branches. They are available to provide pharmacies with information and advice regarding all aspects of QCPP. Contact your State Quality Manager and QCPP team for assistance with any questions you might have relating to QCPP in your pharmacy. 

  • How to get customers into your pharmacy with QCPP (and keep them coming back!)

    Apr 14, 2016

    We all know that first impressions count. Your customers are influenced by your pharmacy’s physical appearance – inside and out. A 2011 Morpace Omnibus found that nearly all customers (95%) indicated that the exterior appearance is important in selecting where they shop.

    Within the premises, cleanliness and organisation are as important as customer service and cost. Simple things like dusty shelves and poor lighting can mean the difference between your customer staying in your business or leaving (even if your pharmacy competitor is further away).

    Customers put value on premises that are accessible, interesting and well serviced (Market Force Information Limited, 2013).

    The Client Focused Evaluation Program results for QCPP (CFEP, 2014) offer ideas for you to implement that can be quickly addressed with only a few resource requirements.

    Simple fixes – such as adequate seating areas to use whilst waiting for scripts to be dispensed, posters to inform customers of the pharmacy's opening hours and signs locating products within the pharmacy – will go a long way for your customers, both new and existing.

    When was the last time you went through the QCPP Pharmacy Appearance Checklist (T5A)? If you need another copy, log in to the Knowledge Hub to access the template.

    Log in to download the checklist

    The pharmacy’s Professional Services Area is a popular topic within QCPP Element 5 - Pharmacy premises and equipment. The Frequently Asked Questions section in the Knowledge Hub is the ideal starting point should you need any clarification.

  • Implementing a Successful and Viable Vaccination Service

    Mar 30, 2016

    Community pharmacy is ideally placed for the delivery of pharmacist-led vaccination services. This is one of many ways community pharmacy improves public health — by providing wider access to healthcare and, more locally, helping your customer manage their own wellbeing. As with most initiatives, benefits rely heavily on developing and implementing the service correctly.

    QCPP is a quality management system that assists your business to achieve high quality and effective vaccination service implementation. QCPP facilitates this by providing the pharmacy with a framework to identify what is required for high quality service delivery. The pharmacy business will need to make sure that there are enough trained staff to conduct the service and they are supported by appropriate equipment and consulting facilities. Each pharmacy business holds the responsibility make certain that all of these components comply with state and territory legislation as well as QCPP requirements. 

    Is your pharmacy vaccination service equipped for viability and success?

    Use the T3M Vaccination Services in the Pharmacy Checklist available in the Knowledge Hub to validate your program’s procedures, personnel, consultation space and more.  This checklist also assists to ensure your vaccination services are developed within a quality management framework, thus built for success. Please remember to use this tool in addition to state and territory guidelines.

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    Is your pharmacy delivering vaccination services or other programs for the first time after your last QCPP assessment? Notify QCPP by completing the QCPP Expansion of Professional Services Form available on the QCPP website.

    Part of the QCPP program rules require accredited pharmacies to advise QCPP of a new program or service being offered. It is also part of the requirements that accredited pharmacies do not advertise an approved health program or service listed in elements 2 or 3 until such time as they comply with the requirements of QCPP and have been assessed as compliant (rule 31 & 32).


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