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  • QCPP accreditation and selling your pharmacy

    Dec 04, 2015

    QCPP encourages owners who sell their pharmacy while undergoing QCPP accreditation to ensure negotiations are made during the sale of the pharmacy to ascertain who would be undertaking the assessment and payment of QCPP related invoices prior to the pharmacies accreditation date.

    Important Information:

    • If the new pharmacy owners are taking over all QCPP requirements they should contact QCPP and complete the Change of Pharmacy Status form at www.qcpp.com/resources/tools/qcpp-forms as soon as transfer of ownership occurs and request the invoice be issued in the new owner’s details to save on transferring payments in the future.
    • Be aware of any upcoming PPI payments or outstanding invoices when preparing sale contracts for the pharmacy and make sure provisions are made for any reimbursements.
    • QCPP accreditation belongs to the business entity therefore the pharmacy is entitled to the membership benefits of QCPP.

  • Training Requirements for QCPP – Don’t leave it to the last minute!

    Nov 20, 2015

    ‘T2C Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines Checklist’ requires staff who supply these medicines to undergo initial training via a recognised course and ongoing refresher training. This training supports the appropriate supply of these scheduled medicines to the Australian community.

    Pharmacies are reminded of the importance of ensuring all staff who supply Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines have undergone initial training, and also individual refresher training is up to date and completed before their QCPP assessment. The evidence needed to meet this requirement is outlined in the ‘Training Requirements for Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines’ brochure at http://www.qcpp.com/resources/training-requirements.

    If a staff member has not completed the minimum training requirements, the assessor will raise a remedial action. The remedial action will only be closed out when the pharmacy provides the assessor with evidence the staff member has completed the required training.

  • Have you changed your pharmacy details recently?

    Oct 02, 2015

    As per Rule 5 of the QCPP Program and Assessment, a change of pharmacy ownership, business relocation or any another change of details should be reported. Owners are asked to complete and submit the QCPP Change of Pharmacy Status form within three months of the change taking place.

    To download a copy of this form please visit the QCPP website


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