Change of Pharmacy Status

As per Rule 5 under QCPP Program and Assessment Rules, accreditation is issued to a pharmacy business entity. Within three months of change of ownership, relocation or change of other details, the owners must complete a Change of Pharmacy Status form and forward it to QCPP. Failure to provide these details may result in sanctions being applied under QCPP.

Pharmacy Practice Incentives

For the purposes of the Pharmacy Practice Incentives (PPI) Program, pharmacies must notify the Guild within fourteen days of a complete change of ownership or change to PBS approval number. Failure to do so may result in:

  1. duplicate Clinical Intervention/DAA claims lodged by Eligible Community Pharmacies for the same Eligible Claiming Period may be rejected;
  2. annual payments for Staged Supply, Primary Health Care, Community Services Support and Working with Others may be rejected;
  3. a delay in payment.

How to update your details with PPI

  1. Complete the Change of Pharmacy Status form and send to QCPP by fax, email or post.
  2. If your pharmacy has undergone a complete change of ownership and you want to apply for PPI's you need to register the services your pharmacy offers by visiting If your pharmacy details have changed for any other reason and you have previously registered for PPI's you need to update your details and if relevant change your PPI selections via the link provided by 5CPA or contact the 5CPA helpline on 1300 555 262 or email

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