Meet the State Managers

Australian Capital Territory - Emily Burrell

Emily is the QCPP State Manager for the ACT Branch, coordinating the Quality Care Pharmacy Program and Customer Experience Index. She has a history of working in pharmacy as the QCPP coordinator and has also worked as part of the QCPP team at National prior to becoming the ACT State Manager. Emily has both the knowledge and practical experience of implementing and maintaining QCPP and is always enthusiastic to provide assistance to pharmacies.

New South Wales - David Bryant

Northern Territory - Sarah Ninnes

Queensland - Jacqueline Henricks

Jacqueline is a registered pharmacist with over 10 year’s of community pharmacy experience. Jacqueline has worked in a range of pharmacy models and has gained experience in being a pharmacy assistant throughout university, and then progressing onto work as a manager and professional services pharmacist. Jacqueline has a very strong interest in the ongoing business advancement and the budding professional service provision in the community pharmacy profession. She has been involved in the implementation and coordination of QCPP whilst working in the south-west town of Warwick and is very excited in evolving her role as Quality Care State Manager. Jacqueline has witness firsthand the importance of QCPP as a business tool in ensuring quality systems are embed into community pharmacies practice.

South Australia - Gillian Starr

Gillian commenced employment with the Guild in 2003, coordinating and conducting pharmacy assistant training, holding the position of State Training Manager for Guild SA Training for a number of years before moving to QCPP 7 years ago. With a background education in Human Resource Management and Training Gillian gained an understanding and passion for the industry working as a pharmacy assistant prior to, and while completing her study. Gillian has experience in coordinating the Quality Care Pharmacy Program and this has given her a genuine interest and a belief in the importance of staff training, as it underpins so many aspects of ensuring good business, from staff and workplace Safety to Customer Service and more importantly than ever Business development and growth, not to mention good health advice outcomes. As they say there is nothing more constant than change, and Gillian look's forward to continuing to assist pharmacies with implementation and maintenance of QCPP, as new programs and services emerge and changes to the industry occur, QCPP provides the integral support program for continuous improvement.

Tasmania - Sally Davis

Sally has worked with the Guild for the past 13 years. Sally has a background in sales, marketing and management in the hospitality industry. She holds Diplomas in Business Management, Business and Human Resources and a Certificate 4 in Occupational Health and Safety.


Victoria - Natalie Law

Natalie has been at the Pharmacy Guild for more than 14 years and has been a part of the QCPP team for 3 years. Prior to this Natalie worked with Guild Training. Natalie has trained pharmacy assistants in Certificate II, III and IV and has been involved in the development and the delivery of the Pharmacy Assistant’s introductory course. Natalie has more recently worked with the Guild Pharmacy Academy to include QCPP in certificate training materials. Natalie also has had extensive working experience in Community Pharmacy.


Western Australia - Cathie Marshall

Cathie's background prior to joining the Guild was in aged care, where she was part of a management team that implemented the Aged Care Accreditation Standards. Cathie has now been with the Guild for more than seven years and has been involved in both the 1st and 2nd editions of QCPP. This experience has given Cathie a wealth of knowledge to assist pharmacies with the implementation and maintenance of QCPP. Cathie has a Masters Degree in Health Science. Cathie has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, particularly in the Residential Aged Care sector. Cathie was part of the management team that implemented the Residential Aged Care Accreditation standards in one of the first aged care facilities to be accredited in Western Australia in 1999.


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